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Graffiti Paper – Co-Created Learning as Spiritual Space

Graffiti Paper - Co-Created Learning as Spiritual Space

In the Nov 2014 issue of the International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry, we published an article based on the amazing experience we had with our students in a graduate level Appreciative Inquiry course. It was a magical for all of us – teachers and learners…see this link spirituality-and-ai-learning-as-spiritual-space.

Being Authentically ALIVE

Being authentically ALIVE is the ability to Appreciate, Love, Inquire, Venture, and Evolve in order to engage fully and joyfully in life. I developed this model as I lived through the very challenging time of my serious car accident described in earlier blogs.

Living Appreciative Inquiry through Challenging Times – Holistic Healing

Healing is holistic, dependent on mind, body, heart and spirit…My logical mind listened to the advice of physiotherapists who were mandated to teach me to walk and be mobile again…