Jeanie’s Writing

jeanie-2I am an educator at heart and happiest when I am with people working through collaborative ideas and launching off of each other’s expertise. As part of this work, I am drawn to reflecting and learning by writing about the work I am privileged to do.

Co-authoring 2 books with Joan – Appreciative Inquiry In Higher Education: A Transformative Force (2012) and Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness (2018) – was for me extraordinary as we played to our greatest strengths.

I undertook a transformative writing task by contributing a chapter to the book, Gift of the Hit, about ‘life’s hits’ and how those hits offer us a gift we could not have imagined. As a person who has lived through breast cancer, lives with a chronic and serious blood disorder and survived a very serious car accident, I come to the task of writing about the gifts these experiences have offered to me with an open heart.


I am passionate about leadership and facilitating. I pursued these passions in my research for masters and doctoral degrees and share here the links to articles based on this research:

The following are other of my publications:

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