Jeanie’s Writing

jeanie-2I am an educator at heart and happiest when I am with people working through collaborative ideas and launching off of each other’s expertise. As part of this work, I am drawn to reflecting and learning by writing about the work I am privileged to do.

Appreciative Inquiry In Higher Education: A Transformative Force has just been published and I am excited by the response we are receiving from educators. The process of co-authoring was for me extraordinary as we played to our greatest strengths.

Currently I am undertaking a transformative writing task. I have been asked to contribute a chapter to a book about ‘life’s hits’ and how those hits offer us a gift we could not have imagined. As a person who has lived through breast cancer, lives with a chronic and serious blood disorder and survived a very serious car accident, I come to the task of writing about the gifts these experiences have offered to me with an open heart. Watch this site for the launch of this new and insightful book.


I am passionate about leadership and facilitating. I pursued these passions in my research for masters and doctoral degrees and share here the links to articles based on this research:

The following are other of my publications:

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