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Cockell McArthur-Blair Consulting (CMBC), is a boutique consulting firm based in British Columbia, Canada. Driven by a passion for making positive change we bring many years of leadership, innovation and creativity to our work.

We are authors, speakers, consultants and facilitators. The foundation of our work is lifting up the wisdom found in all people to create more appreciative living and working together.

Through our books and writing we bring powerful resources for resilience, leadership, appreciative inquiry and caring collaboration.

In our consulting, we collaboratively design strategies for individuals, groups and organizations to create sustainable and positive change.

In our speaking we strive to generate insight, laughter, and hope.

We specialize in appreciative resilience, appreciative inquiry, planning, team development, leadership development, coaching, organizational change and innovation.

Dr. Joan McArthur-Blair

Dr. Joan McArthur-Blair


Dr. Jeanie Cockell

Dr. Jeanie Cockell



CMBC helps clients create futures through tapping into their innate wisdom.


CMBC develops, fosters and enhances the longing to create more appreciative living and working together.


CMBC is Results Focused, Collaborative, Innovative, Compassionate, Courageous, Caring

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