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The wisdom to design the future of your organization resides with the people inside of it. When you work with us, we seek to understand and assess your goals and then design dynamic and unique solutions to meet your needs. We work with organizations in all sectors.

We bring our depth of expertise in strengths based and Appreciative Inquiry approaches to all that we do, whether it is leadership resilience, board development, planning, professional development, group facilitation, coaching, transforming conflict, or team development.

We facilitate and foster change processes by working with our clients to create processes that foster people’s ability to learn and grow whether as individuals, groups, organizations or larger communities. Common to all of our processes is our ability to get people talking and laughing together, resulting in transformational learning, improved relationships and goal achievement.

We also train other facilitators in using a variety of methods and teach courses/workshops in appreciative resilience, using appreciative inquiry in challenging situations, leadership, appreciative inquiry, diversity and team development.

Building on your personal or organizational strengths can increase the ability to be ready for change and meet the future. We have been working with and contributing to the field of appreciative inquiry for two decades through facilitation, training, coaching and writing. We bring our experience and this powerful approach in human system change to everything we do. Appreciative Inquiry seeks to increase in value what already exists and inquires into what more might be created for individuals and organizations. Watch a brief introduction to appreciative inquiry or an appreciative inquiry summit in action or find out more in our books.

The engine of your organization’s success resides in having highly effective teams. We work with teams to reflect on their current state, envision their ideal future, and design strategies to create that future. In particular, we help our clients focus on the power of culture, inclusion, creating meaningful work, and the practice of reflective assessment of team success.

Whether your need is for a short term plan or devising a long term strategic plan we can help you create unique and flexible solutions. We have designed and facilitated consultation processes for 10 to 1200 people and assisted organizations in making meaning of what their communities are asking them to do.

We care deeply about how people sustain themselves in their leadership work. Based upon our most recent book, Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness, we engage with formal and informal leaders around how they might practice appreciative resilience in the day to day of their work.

Recognizing the complexity of conflict, we can work with you to design participatory processes to address interpersonal, team or organizational conflict. We use a strengths based approach that opens the door to the possibility of people transforming their views, perspectives, and biases to allow a new future to emerge.

There are times in your work life where having a coach is highly useful. We offer appreciative coaching that helps you build upon the skills you already have in order to create new proficiencies and ways of leading. We specialize in leadership coaching at all levels from new and developing leaders to seasoned CEOs.

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