Joan’s Writing

joan-2I am an educator, poet and writer. The power of words has always transformed the ways in which I think, learn and grow. Right now I have many projects on the go:

  • Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education: A Transformative Force has just been published. The writing of this book with my partner Jeanie Cockell was a powerfully transformative experience. The trust, care and worthiness one must bring to co-authorship has taught be again what it means to undertake meaningful work.
  • Working Resilience: Hope, Despair and Forgiveness, Three Tenets of a Life of Leading© is a work in progress that focuses on these three tenets and how a deep understanding of them can help us in education build and sustain our resilience as we shine, stumble and grow as leaders.
  • Love and Work © is a collection of poetry related to the love of life and working in the everyday.
  • Clive and Clara © is a children’s book about a young girl and her adventures with Clive the frog.


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